School of Global Business Hosts Panel Discussion With Chambers of Commerce Representatives

By Dan DiPrinzio | November 30, 2022

The Arcadia University School of Global Business hosted members of the German, Norwegian, and Swedish Chambers of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia for a panel discussion on their chambers and their work experience. The discussion took place on Wednesday, Nov. 30. at 12:15 p.m. in the Grey Towers Castle Dining Room. 

The members in attendance included: 

  • Joanne Dillman, Training Manager for the German American Chamber of Commerce who spent 15 years in international business and 10 years as a high school teacher.
  • Erik Flood ’13,  a graduate of Arcadia University and board member of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia Chapter. He is also a small business owner. 
  • Jørgen Flood, an entrepreneur who specializes in offering accounting, general office services, insurance payroll and distribution to small- and medium-sized companies entering the U.S. or European markets. He will discuss how Philadelphia fits in the global marketplace and the goal of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in the city. 
  • Lisa Maloney, the Assistant General Counsel at Berkadia Commercial Mortgage and the president of the Irish American Business Chamber & Network with previous experience working as the senior VP/senior counsel of Capmark Finance LLC, the general counsel of Capmark Management PLC, and as an associate at William Fry Solicitors in Dublin, Ireland. 

Jo Creollo ’24 attended the event and provided the following recap:

“Aside from the general feedback that the panelists gave about pursuing careers after graduation, they also provided students with anecdotal and personal perspectives on what working as a part of a global team is like. There was also great variety in levels of experience, location of work, and designations of majors/degrees. I particularly enjoyed Joanne Dillman’s outlook as someone who primarily studied language in college going into global business. I thought her perspective was unique and really impactful. 

“These four panelists were a joy to watch interacting with students; they clearly enjoy what they do and love to share their experiences. As someone who had almost never considered working abroad, sitting in this audience was incredibly eye-opening and I now have an interest in pursuing work overseas. Many of the students also in attendance had a chance to meet with each panelist afterwards and introduce themselves personally. I even saw quite a few business cards exchange hands! It was a truly wonderful presentation that exemplified what a group of like-minded people with different backgrounds are able to achieve when they come together.”

The panel lasted one hour and included an opportunity for audience questions. All members of the Arcadia community were invited to attend. To learn more about the event, click here.