#ArcadiaStrong: Faculty and Staff Standouts During COVID-19

By Jen Retter | May 7, 2020

We asked our social media followers to share outstanding faculty and staff experiences they’ve had in the wake of COVID-19. 


Jodi Bornstein has built a community for ED110 that has been super supportive.” 

Dr. Kathy Trainor, adjunct professor of Education

Kathy Trainor has been very supportive and accommodating!” 

Dr. Trainor and the Education staff were on top of mental check-ins before and after class.” 

“My adviser Tanya Santangelo made sure I felt comfortable registering for classes!” 

“The Media and Communication Department is so understanding and helpful!” 

“The whole Media and Communication Department has been so great with helping us.” 

“The Department of Media and Communication deserves a lottttttt of credit.”

Michael Dwyer has been so flexible and understanding in CM213.” 

Chris Mullin constantly checked in on us and was very understanding.” 

Chris Mullin deserves the world for being so kind and empathetic.” 

Dr. Lauren Reid, assistant professor of Counseling

Dr. Lauren Reid in the graduate Counseling program has been just amazing!” 

Dr. Reid helped us process the loss of graduation and difficulties with internships.” 

“The Psych Department is the best—before and during this pandemic. Love them all!” 

Psych has been super understanding and willing to put in the extra work to help us!”

Levy made the thesis process less daunting. He was always available to discuss our work.” 

“The entire Theater Arts program and Sabrina Glass have been so amazing.” 

Jonathan Shandell is a king and should be treated as such.”

“Mark Wade having us dress formally to our last class…truly a national treasure.”

“Where would I be without Counseling Services?” 

Frankie Mallis! She shared extra resources with us and adjusted the syllabus to help us all out.”

Matt Heitzman was the best about being understanding and keeping class fun!”  

Dan from the One-Stop Shop! Literally the best person EVER!” 

“The Athletics Department constantly checks in on student-athletes.” 

Judge Cerski put in the work to make the transition to online as seamless as possible!” 

Helene Klein always checks in with her Honors kids.” 

Kay Greene is awesome as ever to talk to, even through email! Her energy keeps me motivated.”  

Kay Greene is awesome as ever to talk to, even through email! Her energy keeps me motivated.

“The Art Department and their support and videos!” 

Patch has been so understanding and helpful.” 

Dr. Ferrell and Dr. Pederson in the Art and Design Department have been SO supportive and helpful.”

“The whole Orientation Leader staff. Luc and Troy are the best.” 

Dr. Ana Maria Garcia has been wonderful in all she does! (As usual!)” 

Laura Ducray! The most accommodating professor ever. Always checked in!”